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If you are looking for a drug to fight bacterial infection, then zithromycin maybe your best bet. Containing an ingredient called Azithromycin, it inhibits growth of bacteria by interfering with their protein synthesis. This drug treats bacterial infections mostly those occurring in the middle ear. It also treats pneumonia, typhoid, strep throat, sinusitis and bronchitis among other bacterial related infections. Additionally, the drug can also be used to treat sexually transmitted infections including Chlamydia, cervicitis and nongonococcal urethritis besides being efficient in fighting bacterial infections in infants with weaker immune systems. For oral administration, zithromycin is supplied as modified capsular shaped tablets and in bottles for oral suspension. You can order zithromycin, cheap pharmacy store.

Medical uses

Before you order zithromycin, cheap pharmacy store, it would be paramount to understand the relevant medical uses of this drug. It is used to treat an array of infections such as acute otitis media, gastrointestinal infections like traveler’s diarrhea, nonstreptococcal bacteria, respiratory tract infections like pneumonia, babesiosis, cellulitis, Bartonella infection, donovanosis, leptospirosis, chancroid cholera, lyme disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, malaria, scrub typhus, salmonellosis, Mycobacterium avium complex disease and Neisseria meningitis. Zithromycin is also a preventive drug used to prevent some STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) including those from sexual assault and unprotected sex. Further, it also prevents bacterial endocarditis.

To add on to that, zithromycin is also a defective against some localized dental infections, urethritis, uncomplicated skin structure and skin infections, cervicitis and genital ulcer disease. It is also used to fight strep throat as a second line treatment for those who are allergic to penicillin. Furthermore, it is more effective against some Gram negative bacteria as compared to erythromycin despite having a similar antimicrobial spectrum. In particular as a treatment against Haemophilus influenzae even though it is not the first line of treatment. However, long term use of zithromycin may increase bacterial resistance to its effects.

Side effects

Taking this drug may have some side effects. If after you order zithromycin, cheap pharmacy store, you experience diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting contact your doctor before any further usage. You may also experience some extreme side effects especially for those with allergic reactions to the drug. Some of this may include, swelling on your throat, tongue, ace or lips, difficulty breathing and hives. In the event that you experience any of these symptoms, get medical help immediately.

There are also some set of precautions you need to watch out for before using this drug. It would be critical to let your doctor know of any allergies especially to antibiotics. Further, inform the doctor of your medical history especially In the cases of kidney or liver diseases. Any muscle disease may also be worth mentioning.


For uncomplicated Chlamydia trachomatis cervicitis and urethritis, a single oral dosage of 1000mg will suffice. However, for all other indications a dosage of 1500mg administered over a period of three days as 500mg per day or alternatively as 500mg on the first day and 250mg for the next consecutive four days. It is worth noting that this dosage is applicable to adults and old people alike. For children weighing less than 45kg, azithromycine suspension may be more appropriate as tablets are only administered to those over 45kgs.